Bitcoin price today March 30: Up and down again, there are mixed views on bitcoin

 After yesterday's rally, bitcoin turned down.

Recorded at 3:30 pm, bitcoin traded at 47,331.03 USD, down 0.3% compared to 24 hours ago. On the market, there are 6/10 coins in the top group that have increased in price compared to 24 hours ago.

The market as a whole has 52 of the top 100 coins by bull market value.

STEPN recorded the highest increase of 44.35%. The coin that fell the most was Axie Infinity, which lost 5.39% on the day.

On Vicuta, an exchange that is interested by many Vietnamese, the buying price of Bitcoin recorded at VND 1,083 billion, while the selling price was VND 1,134 billion.

Constantly having mixed opinions about bitcoin

According to Bitcoin News, Indian parliamentarian Sushil Kumar Modi has proposed that the tax on income from virtual currencies should be higher than 30% because this is a risky and unpredictable field. The point of view of the Indian parliamentarian is that virtual currency trading is essentially similar to … gambling. In addition, he also requested that goods and services tax be imposed on the total transaction value of cryptocurrencies.

According to Modi, virtual currency is not a commodity, property, goods or service, emphasizing that it has no intrinsic value. He added that while stocks are backed by the companies behind them, "cryptocurrency is gambling."

Meanwhile, according to US media reports, the US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has admitted that cryptocurrencies have benefits. Yellen was forced to look at the fact that cryptocurrencies have grown by leaps and bounds and are now “playing an important role” in the investment decisions of so many Americans.

When asked if she is still skeptical about cryptocurrencies, Yellen commented: “I am a bit skeptical because I think there are legitimate concerns around it. Some are related to financial stability, consumer-investor protection, the risk of being used for illicit transactions and others."

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