Investment in resort projects: Lessons from the world's "giants" and pioneering imprints in Vietnam

I am living and working in Hanoi, currently I have an idle amount of about 800 million to one billion dong. With the above money, should I invest in land?

Mr. Ta Vinh Quang (Dong Anh, Hanoi) said that he is living and working in Hanoi, currently he has an idle money of about 800 million to one billion dong. “With the maximum amount of about one billion, should I invest in land?” Quang said confused.

Mr. Quang added that he had an amount of 500 million VND deposited in the bank before, after a year of plowing and digging at the end of last year, the couple saved another three hundred million VND. After collecting the accounts, he now has a maximum total of about one billion dong.

Many investors intend to withdraw bank deposits to invest in land“I found the interest rate unattractive, so I discussed with my wife to withdraw all the money I had deposited in the bank before and then find land to invest. However, because I do not have much experience in the field of real estate investment, I would like everyone to advise me which area is suitable for the above amount, can invest safely, the legality is not too confusing. and good potential in the next 3-5 years”, said Mr. Quang.

Before the information shared by Mr. Quang, some investors in Hanoi think that with an amount of less than one billion, investors should buy land for garden land, which will be more suitable than land that has been divided into plots and has higher profitability. .

Mr. Nguyen Quan (Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi) - an experienced investor, said that for inexperienced people like Mr. Quang, it is not advisable to buy real estate in projects and especially not to buy land. According to offers from small brokers because such information is not guaranteed to be objective, it is very risky.

“If you see a potential area, then search in that area and then look at many different places to compare, finally legal and then finalize. Should not buy land in the new project because the price has been updated, so buying the land outside of the people, will have better potential for price increase "- Mr. Nguyen Quan, an investor commented.

According to Mr. Hai (Long Bien, Hanoi) - another investor, it's okay anywhere as long as the road is clear, the wider the better, the farther it's okay. The area is not too small. If in the provinces, about 100 m2 is beautiful or better, square land, residential areas as much as possible.

“Because your finances are limited, only 800 to 1 billion, so according to the criteria I gave and then accept to wait a couple of years, the profitability will be there. I'm not sure 100% profitable, but the potential for high profit is to have a lot of friends, "- Mr. Hai added.

According to Ms. Do Thu Hang - Director of Savills Research and Consulting Department in Hanoi, at present, deposit interest rates are at an unattractive level compared to other investment channels while the idle cash flow in the population is still low. still. Real estate investment often has preserved or increased value, so this channel is still attractive in 2022. But it must be noted, not all real estate is attractive. From 2020, there is a slowdown in resort real estate, for example.

Or in 2020 we face a situation where we can't travel, we can see that large suburban real estate has a certain attraction. But investors also need to realize that when participating in any market, they need to fully consider all factors.

Experts note that investors should not invest in land in the form of "rumor" projects

“In 2021, many product lines will establish new price levels, and investment profit margins will no longer be large. If you want to participate in the market, we often advise you to find projects of reputable investors, participate in products formed in the future. With participation from the early stage, the amount of money spent will be moderate, over time it will reduce the pressure on cash flow instead of having to pay it off in a short time.

And if investors choose to invest in a short time, surf, there will be many lessons we have seen. It should be noted that places where the price is high, when it increases a lot, it is easy to buy, and it is difficult for liquidity," added Ms. Hang.

Similarly, real estate expert Tran Khanh Quang said that we must be very cautious when investing in real estate today. If you hold 1 billion, it is very difficult to invest in real estate for the first time at this time. Therefore, if you hold 1 billion dong in your hand and go to buy real estate, investors should pay attention to buy in any areas that they know. If we are too far away, when we need to trade or come down to see the land, it is very time consuming, if we do not go near that area.

With an amount of one billion, you can only invest in land near the province, buy land without but have a full legal red book, convenient roads. Before buying, you must visit the place to survey whether the price of this land is expensive or cheaper than the surrounding areas, within 3 years, this area will be inhabited or not, whether the real estate is brilliant or not, or buy a piece of land. land and 10 years later still no one goes back and forth that area.

In addition, the above money can also buy land near the project of big investors and have already done 30-50%. Don't listen to rumors that there will be a project of several hundred hectares here or that there will be a highway here.

"I have little money, but I keep hearing rumors. Even 5 years later, rumors are still very dangerous. Buying small real estate near big developers that have deployed 30-50% is also a good opportunity for the stage. And remember, there is no investment in surfing anymore, it must be over a year," advises Mr. Quang.

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