The most expensive resort in TG also reduced the price by half after the pandemic, expecting to "makeover" in the future

 Banwa Private Island, the most expensive resort in the world, has reduced the price per night from $ 100,000 to $ 45,000 to attract guests during this Covid-19 epidemic.

The Philippines' private island of Banwa opened in May 2019, and boasts the world's most expensive per-night rate - $ 100,000 . This luxury resort offers six ocean-view villas, spacious Jacuzzis and infinity pools, plus 12 garden rooms with panoramic island views. The grounds have everything from a spa to a sky bar, and guests have access to jet skis and yachts.

It then had to close due to the pandemic in 2020. When the resort reopened in May 2021, its costs dropped dramatically in the hope of being able to "makeover". future: Its current nightly rate is $45,000.

Banwa is now known as an "air travel bubble" destination, offering "crowd-free" luxury holidays amid the pandemic. Capacity has also been cut: Banwa currently only allows 36 people to stay on the island during the rental period, down from 48 when it first opened. The resort partnered with airline company Ascent Flight Global in December to introduce private jet travel to their guests.

The most expensive resort in TG also cut its price by half after the pandemic, expecting to "makeover" in the future - 3

The discounted rate comes with a three-night minimum stay, meaning that even with the discount, visitors must spend at least $135,000 to rent the island.

Los Banos says villas are the most popular choice for guests staying on the island. Each villa has its own butler and meals, including breakfast, lunch, a selection of afternoon snacks and dinner.

Banwa may have an overwhelming reputation because of its price, but it hasn't attracted many visitors, especially during the recent Covid-19 outbreak. “There are days when we don’t have any guests,” Los Banos said.

Los Banos estimates that "nearly" 100 guests have stayed on the island. She added that resort customers are "very private people, they usually don't have social media accounts."

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