USD exchange rate today March 30: Reversing after a series of consecutive gains, the central rate dropped sharply

 The greenback's rally has begun to cool down.

On the international market, the USD index reached 98,477, up 0.578 points, equivalent to an increase of 0.58% at 6:40 am on March 30.

The dollar fell as bond yields continued to rise.

The 5-year yield sometimes traded above the 30-year yield on March 29, creating a partial inversion of the yield curve.

In addition, the Russia-Ukraine talks have made much progress. Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin announced that Russia would "drastically" cut back on military activities near the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

However, the two sides still have many disagreements. Before the talks took place in Turkey, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that the parties must agree on all issues, not just agree on a single issue.

Besides, Moscow and Beijing's efforts to de-dollarize global trade are struggling. The yuan is unlikely to overtake the dollar in the near future, and Russian businesses prefer euros to rupees.

USD reversed

On March 30, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) announced the central exchange rate at 23,135 VND/USD, a sharp decrease of 16 VND compared to the listed level yesterday. 

The reference selling rate at the SBV's Exchange is at 22,550 - 23,050 VND/USD.

The buying price for USD at banks is currently in the range of 22,700 - 22,760 VND/USD, while the selling price is at 22,960 - 23,122 VND/USD. 

On the "black market", the USD is traded at 23,350 - 23,400 VND/USD.

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