USD exchange rate today March 31: Continuing the downward trend when the euro strengthens

This is the second consecutive session of the greenback depreciating.

On the international market, the USD index reached 97,900, up 0.451 points, equivalent to 0.55% increase at 6:14 am on 31/3.

The greenback's plunge was due to the euro trending back up after Russia's promise to reduce military activities in Kyiv. The change in tone in the Russia-Ukraine peace talks suggests that "the conflict may be moving into a more localized phase with the potential to mitigate some of the risk scenarios," JPMorgan analysts said. extreme risk”.

However, the US warned that Russia continued to bombard the suburbs of Kyiv and a besieged city in northern Ukraine.

In another development, on March 30, the US Treasury Department announced that the US would impose sanctions on an individual and his corporate network for supporting the ballistic missile program. of Iran.

According to a statement by the US Treasury Department, Mohammad Ali Hosseini and his companies purchased materials related to fuel used to propel ballistic missiles from a unit of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. (IRGC), which is in charge of ballistic missile research and development. In addition, the US Treasury Department announced sanctions also targeting Iran's Parchin Chemical Industries.

USD keeps a good uptrend

On March 31, the State Bank (SBV) announced the central exchange rate at 23,100 VND/USD, a sharp decrease of 35 VND compared to the listed level yesterday.

The reference selling rate at the SBV's Exchange is at 22,550 - 23,050 VND/USD.

The buying price for USD at banks is currently in the range of 22,690 - 22,750 VND/USD, while the selling price is at 22,950 - 23,108 VND/USD. 

On the "black market", the USD is traded at 23,320 - 23,370 VND/USD.

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