The market is on fire, the pockets of billionaires have also evaporated

Hundreds of stocks dropped, hit the floor, sell orders piled up, the market opened at the beginning of the week losing 27 points.

Closing the session on April 12, the VN-Index fell 26.75 points (1.8%) to 1,455.25 points; HNX-Index fell 2.55% to 421.01 points and UPCom-Index fell 1.19% to 112.49 points. Despite the sharp decline, market liquidity was still quite low with the trading value of 3 exchanges reaching more than 25,000 billion dong.

VN-Index dropped 26.75 points (1.8%) to 1,455.25 points.

The number of losers on all 3 exchanges in the session reached 781 stocks, including 99 stocks that fell to the floor, completely overwhelming compared to less than 200 gainers in the whole market.

Most of the industry groups in the market fell deeply such as Banking, Securities, Real Estate, Construction, Oil & Gas, Steel... In which, a series of stocks in Real Estate and Construction industries closed to the floor like CTD. , DIG, DXG, HAR, HDC, NBB, OGC, QCG, SCR… Similarly, a series of Petroleum stocks also closed to the floor like PVB, PVC, PVD, PXS, PVS...

Leading the group with the most negative impact on the market were VHM, BID and GVR when taking away more than 5 points from VN-Index.

On the other side, some Bluechips also gained upstream such as FPT, DPM, BHN, MWG, SSB but not enough to help the market avoid a deep drop.

Along with that, the Seafood group had a prosperous trade with many upstream stocks such as CMX, ACL, IDI, MPC, VHC...

With today's plunge, most of the billionaires' assets in the market are lost.

Most of the wealth of billionaires in the market is lost.

With a decrease of 400 dong/share, the wealth of the richest billionaire on the stock exchange - Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong - today "flyed" 862 billion dong.

Ranked second in the list of the richest people on the stock exchange, Mr. Tran Dinh Long also lost VND 1,500 billion today because HPG dropped points.

Similarly, the billionaire couple Ho Hung Anh - Nguyen Dang Quang also lost 33 billion dong and 8 billion dong today, respectively, because TCB shares fell by 850 dong/share.

Not only these billionaires, today's market also makes investors' accounts evaporate a lot. What most individual investors are afraid of right now, is whether the rumors are true, is there any other news that could cause the market to fall further. This makes them hesitate and fear much more than the decrease before the Lunar New Year.

Recently, the Prime Minister sent a dispatch requesting measures to ensure that the stock market and corporate bond market operate stably, in a healthy, transparent, safe and sustainable development.

In addition, the Prime Minister also requested to strictly handle acts of providing inaccurate information, causing negative impacts on the operation of the market.

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