Task Manager is about to be completely "makeover"

The next Windows 11 update will eventually make the Task Manager "less" more useless.

According to TechRadar , Task Manager is inherently a last resort for users who want to fix problems that occur on their Windows desktop (PC). However, for the past few years this application has received no interest from Microsoft, but it seems that this is about to change.

With the upcoming Sun Valley 2 update, Task Manager is finally redesigned with a series of changes that are sure to please a lot of users.

Registered internal program users (Insider) who want to experience can install Windows 11 Build 25188 available in Dev Channel.

The first change is that the design has been refreshed to better fit the Fluent Design interface, before Paint, Snipping Tool and other applications have also been updated in the same style since Windows 11 launched in May. October 2021.

The options have been moved to the left menu instead of the tabs at the top as before, there is a new button called Efficiency Mode that has just been integrated, which can help users do more with applications. applications and services in Task Manager.

Task Manager is about to be completely "makeover" - 1

Task Manager is about to be completely "makeover" - 3

Task Manager with a completely new design on Windows 11.

Efficiency Mode can help limit how apps use memory and processor usage, giving you better control over your laptop's battery life.

The design of the new Task Manager also makes it easier for touch screen devices to operate.

This is Microsoft's latest effort to make the company's applications more cohesive on Windows 11, from a more intuitive display interface to new features that can help better control system resources. system.

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